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Big Bear Lake is considered by many to be the best kept secret in California. Offering exceptional outdoor adventure year-round, this quaint town perched in the San Bernardino Mountains and nestled on the edge of a national forest is the perfect retreat, whether you are seeking a ski weekend or a chance to let loose in a powerboat on the largest recreational lake in Southern California. Here at Big Bear Resorts, we offer a wide selection of lakeside luxury cabins and vacation home rentals, and our helpful and knowledgeable staff is happy to assist you in making a reservation or answering your questions. Here are some of the more common ones we receive:

How long is the winter season in Big Bear?

Generally speaking, Big Bear is completely free of snow from July through September. The first snows of the season can come as early as October, but usually November is the time of first snowfall. Still, some years, it can come as late as December. The same goes for spring: usually the last snow is in April, but snow has come as late as May or even June. Makes for great skiing and snowboarding at our two fabulous ski resorts!

Where is Big Bear Lake? Will I need snow chains to get there?

Big Bear Lake is located above San Bernardino, about a 30-mile drive (45 minutes). It is ~100 miles from Los Angeles, anywhere from a 2-4 hour drive depending on conditions. While 4WD is recommended during the winter, snow chains are not needed to get here, or to get around.

What else is there to do besides skiing/snowboarding?

Plenty! Big Bear Lake is not just a winter wonderland, it has outdoor attractions year-round. The lake boasts 6 full-service marinas and is a summer hot spot. Rent a boat, go fishing, explore in a kayak, or just lounge in the cool water. Hundreds of miles of maintained trails are a huge attraction for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders alike.

When is the peak season?

We have two high seasons here, one in winter (Christmas to Valentine’s Day) and the other in summer (July 1 to Labor Day). Check our website well in advance for lodgings during these periods, or take advantage of our incredible specials outside of peak season.

What is the weather like?

Big Bear Lake sits at 7,000 feet and is blessed with 320 sunny days a year. Our weather is pretty perfect year-round as a result. In the height of summer it might hit 80, dipping into the 40’s at night. During the winter, 120″ of snowfall make for perfect skiing, and the temperatures range from the 40’s during the day to the low 20’s at night.

If you have any other questions, please contact us!